Amherst Electronics Club

Meetings are on Monday nights at 8:30pm in Merrill 221.

Club description: Founded in the spring of 2012, the Amherst College Electronics Club provides an opportunity for students to learn about embedded electronics and develop team projects. We designed a simple robot in the beginning of 2013, we launched Project Daedalus, built LED cubes, and hopefully many other projects will come to life through the club.
Club members: Itai Muzhingi 18, Patrick DeVivo 16, Evelyn Ting 17, Ian Nanez 17, Shatoyia Jones 19, Carlos Rivero 18, SabriAnan Micha 19, Emily Masten 17, Evan Mahler 19, Karina Rodriguez 18, Tadewos Getachew 18, Yilikal Sarka 18, Peter Connolly 18, Luka Matej Devenica 17, Jason Mackie 17, Christian Pluchar 18, Sally Yuen 18, Grant Hyun Park 18, Joshua Young 17, Nigel Mevana 16